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From New Zealand:

"Thank You for a great product. Magnus Shield has helped me a lot, We will be in touch for more, Thank You" - Peter J., Auckland - 20 January 2011

From Australia:


"I had a problem. A serious prostate problem. Every night I have 6-7 trips to the toilet and sitting there 20-22 minutes. Every morning feel like a wet rag. My GP have the solution. OPERATION. I decided, before going under the knife, I try all the available remedies, which are on the market. After many different type, I found out they are not the same. One is bigger garbage than the other. I just losing my money. Somewhere I saw the MAGNUS Shield. I was sure this is the same garbage as the rest, but I was desperate, I was ready to try anything, so I ordered 1 bottle. When it is arrived I started taking as per instruction without much hope. 4 days later I have 4-5 trips with 12-14 minutes parking time. When the first bottle finished, my nightly trips gone down to 3-4 and the times is reduced to max. 7-8 minutes. Now, as I using the second lot of 3 bottles, my nightly trips are 1, many nights are 0 and the time are 3-max.4 minutes. I wish I have this knowledge and the MAGNUS Shield years ago when my problem started. I am sure, if I have them, today I have a very healthy prostate. I know the MAGNUS Shield not a medication and not cure my problem, but help to a trouble free lifestyle." Geza W. Lugarno NSW - 21 January 2016


"Thank GOD I found your site. I have been for many years suffering with an enlarge prostate (47) now …
I had to have bladder enlargement about 7 years ago which worked ok, But the prostate kept growing and

I needed to use the tablet or I couldn’t go (Prescription) which is so bad and the side effect even worse Dizzy no sex life bla bla But had no choice ….
I was determined not to put up with this crap so I search and thank god found you guys, I started about 4 months ago and took double the dose 6 a day and found it to work fast, (2weeks) it make my life sooo easy thank you so much. Also my prostate has shrunken a little and my doctor couldn’t believe it as its normally grows not shrink !!! he is now buying this wonder and give it a go as he is on Prescription for years…………Thank you sooo much for saving me from soo much stress not being able to pee when you want is very hard to cope with…. All is like clockwork now since I found Magnus Prime.
If i stop taking the product, Because I ran out, I find it hard to pee, it really works its a life saver " Adrian C. Dandenong VIC - 27 November 2015


"Hi there, I am 45 years old and I have been diagnosed with prostatitis 3 years ago, I saw Magnus Shield from seniors paper, and I saw risk free promotion on the website, therefore, I thought I just try the product for 2 months, and see what happen. I found out that I used to get up about 4-5 times a night, now I only get up about once or twice a night, I have been taking Magnus Shield for about 6 months now, and very happy with the result. Thank You Magnus Shield" - Gregory J. Toowong QLD - 29 January 2015

"I am 63 years old and have been divorced for nearly 2 years now. I had prostate problems for the past 10 years , but it got worse after the divorce, I think due to reduced sexual activity. I did some research on the Internet and came across Magnus Shield and Magnus Prime. I decided to give them a go. I have been using it for nearly 5 weeks now and have found a significant progress in my prostate gland health. I pass urine slightly better now. I would say that I have found about a 10 % benefit in using these products simultaneously. It also does not clash with my blood pressure medication. I would thoroughly recommend these to anyone having problems passing urine, as in frequent urination or a weak stream and constantly feeling your bladder is not empty. I also find that the price is reasonable."- Max B, Woodridge QLD - 28 September 2012

"At first I was a bit dubious of the promises made by Magnus Shield, but having been on them for awhile I now find that instead of 3, 4 or 5 times a night arising for the necessary, I am now sleeping the whole night through, it just didn't seem possible. I cannot recommend them enough, and have mentioned them to several friends. Thanks a lot Graminex." - Tony L., Rosebud VIC - 9 January 2012

"I am 64 years old, I used to get up 3-4 times a night, Now, I go to bed around 8.30pm, and I don't need to get up till 4.30am, Thank You Magnus Shield" - Robert O., Dysart TAS - 23 December 2010

"Thank You for sending out the Magnus Shield. I really believe they have been a great benefit to me. Before Magnus Shield, I was going to the toilet three or four times a night, now using Magnus Shield I've been going once a night, sometimes not all" - John W., Benalla, VIC - 18 January 2010

"9 Months ago, I have tried Magnus Shield for prostate medication made by Graminex Australia, I can say that it helps me mainly in reducing my night time urination, a year ago, I used to wake up 6-7 times a night, and now I only wake up once or twice, and during last Christmas, I had 1 beer during the party, and I got up 3 times. Thank You for Graminex and I definitely will recommend this product" - Mike B., St Johns Park, NSW - 4 January 2010.

"I have been taking Magnus Shield for the past 4 months and I have noticed some great improvement, mainly it helps me to reduce the urgency to go to toilet and frequent urination as well. I used to wake up 6-7 times a night, and now I only wake up 3 times a night or less. Previously, I have to stand for few seconds to pass urine in the night time, now that problem has been solved, and also the burning sensation is also gone. Thank You Graminex for this product" Gordon M, Rochedale, QLD - 4 December 2009

"Since taking MAGNUS SHIELD tablets for the past 3 months, I have noticed an Improvement. Previously I would go to the loo 5-6 times a night, and now I only go 2-3 times / even less sometimes. So Thank You for this product" Bill S, Orange, NSW - 22 April 2008

"I found this tablets Magnus Shield from magazine. I found it helps me to empty my bladder in night time, relief the pain while passing water. It really works for me. I'm feeling better now. Thank You" Paul E, Ormond - 22 April 2008

"GREAT STUFF!" - L. A., Tewantin, QLD - 07 November 2007

"At Victoria Market Pharmacy, we have been selling Magnus Shield for two and a half years, many of own customers are regulars who have benefited greatly, especially in the reduction of night time urinary frequency" - David Norton, Pharmacist at Victoria Market Pharmacy - 28 September 2007

"I have been recommending various prostate remedies for approximately 10 years now. I have never had such a positive feedback from a many customers as I have with Magnus Shield" David Adler, Naturopath at Guardian Pharmacy Dianella

"I just want to say thank you for Magnus Shield. My symptoms are gone and everything feels different, better!" - Richard S, Victoria

"If only I started to use Magnus Shield earlier...I would definitely have avoided unnecessary pain and discomfort..." - Tim B, 52, Victoria


From our international customers: 

After 6 months of taking Magnus Shield, I began noticing that I was getting up less often during the night to urinate, thank you for such brillian product. - Rico T., Montana

Magnus Shield is marvolous!! - R.C. London, UK

My PSA Levels went down since taking Magnus Shield. - Russia

My doctor told me about Magnus Shield I tried it and it works." - Nelson P., United Kingdom

I take Magnus Shield for prostate health and it also helps give me energy. - T.G. Ohio 






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